TEAC Corporation Purchases Moore Microprocessor Patent™ Portfolio License

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Nov. 16, 2007 – Alliacense today announced that TEAC Corporation has purchased a Moore Microprocessor Patent™ (MMP) Portfolio license from The TPL Group.  With its headquarters in Tokyo, TEAC is an innovator and worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of audio, video and data recording technologies.

“TEAC Corporation has always been known to produce the highest quality, most technically advanced products available,” said Rick Schuette, Vice President, Intellectual Property for Alliacense. “This license agreement is a great validation of the role that MMP Portfolio technologies have played in advancing a broad range of successful companies who are leaders in their respective fields.”

The sweeping scope of applications using MMP design techniques continues to encourage manufacturers of end user products from around the globe to become MMP licensees.  Since January 2006, HP, Casio, Fujitsu, Sony, Nikon, Seiko Epson, Pentax, Olympus, Kenwood, Agilent, Lexmark, Schneider Electric, NEC Corporation, Funai Electric, SanDisk, Sharp Corporation, Nokia, Bull, LEGO, Denso Wave and Philips have all purchased MMP Portfolio licenses.

About the MMP Portfolio

The Moore Microprocessor Patent Portfolio contains intellectual property that is jointly owned by the privately-held TPL Group and publicly-held Patriot Scientific Corporation (OTCBB: PTSC). The portfolio includes seven U.S. patents as well as their European and Japanese counterparts. It is becoming widely recognized that the jointly-owned patents protect fundamental technology used in designing microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors (DSPs), embedded processors and system-on-chip (SoC) devices. Manufacturers of microprocessor-based products can learn more about how to participate in the MMP Portfolio Licensing Program by contacting:  mmp-licensing@alliacense.com.

About TEAC Corporation

From its Tokyo headquarters, TEAC Corporation produces consistently high-quality products that enhance the capabilities and fulfill the needs of those who use them. TEAC was originally founded as Tokyo Television Acoustic Company in August 1953 with a goal to be at the technological edge of data recording. Later, the company changed its name to Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company and then to TEAC. TEAC product lines include computer peripherals, professional and consumer audio products, video and image recording devices, medical and industrial technologies, measurement devices, communication recorders. For more information, visit http://www.teac.co.jp/about/en/.

About Alliacense

Alliacense is a TPL Group Enterprise executing best-in-class design and implementation of Intellectual Property (IP) licensing programs. As a cadre of IP licensing strategists, technology experts, and experienced business development/management executives, Alliacense focuses on expanding the awareness and value of TPL’s IP portfolios. Founded in 1988, The TPL Group has emerged as a coalition of high technology enterprises involved in the development, management and commercialization of proprietary product technologies as well as the design, manufacture and sales of proprietary products based on those technologies and corresponding IP assets. For more information, visit www.alliacense.com.

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