The Only One-Stop Source for Product Intelligence

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Alliacense Reverse Engineering Team delivers actionable product intelligence more efficiently than is available anywhere else in the industry.

Specialists in project management, and leveraging its heavy investment in proprietary automation tools, Alliacense brings unparalleled value to very large projects.

Remarkably creative and resourceful, Alliacense Technicians and Analysts have at their disposal a peerless combination of in-house capabilities and an intelligence network in the making since 2004.

Sourcing & Acquisition

Product identification and acquisition is often the key to success, on which most reverse-engineering firms provide zero or limited focus;  but the mindset at Alliacense – making the pie bigger — highlights resourceful investigation and high-volume acquisition.  Alliacense maintains a global network of product acquisition and market data experts.

Heavy and commercial machinery often doesn’t fit through the front door, so when we can’t bring a product to Alliacense, the Alliacense Mobile Lab allows us to opportunistically deploy teams around the world to disassemble, test and document required evidence.  The Alliacense Mobile Lab is professional, trusted and connected to the automation systems at our main facility.

Product Teardown and Testing

Alliacense operates a state-of-the-art Reverse Engineering Laboratory capable of performing sophisticated product teardowns and testing.  Bristling with measuring equipment, sensors, a fully-equipped photography studio, microscopy equipment, custom tools, and staffed with a team of technicians, our RE lab is designed to serve as a technical investigation center for uncovering evidence of IP utilization.

The Unparalleled Depth of Alliacense RE Lab’s diverse capabilities are highlighted by the breadth of reports available at