Claim Chart

Claim Charts Done Better

Central to an effective licensing program is a two-column “claim chart” analysis, establishing evidence of use.  Not only are such reports key to articulating technical aspects, but they are also important business communications:

  • Serving to either engage or alienate business decision-makers;  and
  • Demonstrating the resources and commitment of the Licensor;  and
  • Helping frame business expectations regarding a level of mutual respect and fairness parties will bring to the table.

It’s not enough for such reports to be good – they need to excellent.  Best results are achieved via the rigorous and sustained application of multi-disciplinary resources involving experts from reverse engineering, engineering analysis, IP analysis, business analysis and marketing.  Since its inception, Alliacense has been focused on creating a rich environment where such results occur every day, according to plan, and not left to chance.

Claim Chart Generator – IP Enforcer™

Alliacense has developed IP Enforcer, our patented web application framework that enables the association of data and assembly of technical reports — while serving as the workflow front-end for Alliacense’s skilled Reverse Engineering, Engineering Analysis, and IP Analysis Teams.  25 man-years in development, this one-of-a-kind automation tool maximizes the manpower efficiency by enabling re-usability of research.

The IP Enforcer Integrated Data Warehouse contains thousands of patents and file wrappers, tens of thousands of data sheets, user manuals, white papers and product briefs, and the largest searchable collection of service manuals known (at over 1.5 million items).

Other IP/licensing entities struggle to provide a singular cogent claim chart to a prospective licensee.  It’s not enough for such reports to identify singular products – they need to be created for all major product lines.  IP Enforcer enables Alliacense to quickly produce “Product Reports” – entire books filled with detailed claim charts and all the relevant source documentation – that saturate entire industries, capturing mindshare of prospective licensees by delivering “Shock and Awe.”