Alliacense IP Services

Alliacense orchestrates multi-disciplinary resources for a support a broad spectrum of comprehensive capabilities, including Reverse Engineering, Engineering Analysis, IP Analysis, Business Analysis and beyond.

Available ad-hoc or as a comprehensive licensing program management solution, Alliacense IP Services can quickly integrate into your firm’s workflow. Explore some of our popular service offerings.

Reverse Engineering

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Alliacense Reverse Engineering Laboratory delivers actionable product intelligence more efficiently than is available anywhere else in the industry.

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Engineering Analysis

Providing a link between IP Analysis, Market Research and Reverse Engineering, Alliacense Engineering Analysis develops best-in-class Evidence of Use reports, creating the right impression for your IP Strategy.

Alliacense has a wealth of experience in supporting projects such as:

  • IP Enforcement
  • IP Licensing
  • Product Research and Development
  • Market Research

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Our Unique Approach

On Demand The Alliacense organization was built with entrepreneurial flexibility and “start up mentality” in its DNA.Your firm can focus on its core competencies, while Alliacense scopes the project and ramps up in days — not the weeks or months that have become the norm elsewhere in the industry.
Cost Effective In-house Reverse Engineering, Engineering Analysis, IP Analysis, and Market Research, together with incomparable automation tools, and vast on-site technical databases, provide a streamlined, cost-effective out-sourcing solution for your projects.
Scalable Orchestrating a series of expert team building blocks, Alliacense is capable of addressing small projects, while specializing in large ones.
Efficient Procedural discipline coupled with project management prowess ensures results are accomplished with remarkable efficiency — on-schedule and within budget
Reliable Alliacense takes teamwork and long-term partnerships seriously. We understand that continuous communication and seamless integration into your workflow is critical – and ultimately becomes part of the definition of success. Law firms and most large reverse engineering organizations have conflict of interest that forbid them from working against the interests of some of the biggest prospective licensees in the industry.  Alliacense, however, is an independent organization where there is no risk that your project investments won’t be re-usable due to conflicts.