Royal Philips Electronics Purchases Fast Logic™ Portfolio License

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Dec. 1, 2008. Alliacense today announced that Royal Philips Electronics has purchased a Fast Logic™ Portfolio license from The TPL Group. Philips becomes the second company to purchase a Fast Logic license following Robert Bosch GmbH.

About the Fast Logic Portfolio

The Fast Logic Portfolio contains intellectual property that was initially developed by Thunderbird Technologies of Morrisville, NC. The Fast Logic Portfolio includes many popular design techniques for the implementation of high-speed logic circuits that improve the speed, power consumption, and noise immunity of digital CMOS based integrated circuits. The Fast Logic Portfolio technologies are used widely in the memory and logic circuits on which modern microprocessor-based systems rely. After pursuing the

technologies for over a decade, Thunderbird entered into a joint venture with TPL in 2007 to strengthen and extend their R&D efforts as well as to commercialize the proprietary Fast Logic Portfolio technologies. 

About Alliacense

Alliacense is a TPL Group Enterprise executing best-in-class design and implementation of Intellectual

Property (IP) licensing programs. As a cadre of IP licensing strategists, technology experts, and experienced business development/management executives, Alliacense focuses on expanding the awareness and value of TPL’s IP portfolios. Founded in 1988, The TPL Group has emerged as a coalition of high technology enterprises involved in the development, management and commercialization of proprietary product technologies as well as the design, manufacture and sales of proprietary products based on those technologies and corresponding IP assets. For more information, visit

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