• Enterprises lack the ability to cost-effectively deploy high performance SSD storage on a mass basis due to the expense of reliable SLC memory on the one hand, and the lack of reliability associated with inexpensive MLC memory on the other hand.  CryptaByte introduces a hybrid approach, called Smart SSD™ technology, which utilizes SLC for critical data, and MLC for less critical data.
  • Data security is paramount (and increasingly mandated), but enterprises are struggling against barriers of cost, reduced performance, and increased complexity.  The CryptaByte Portfolio’s EnigmaCells™ technology provides a cost-effective and unbreakable hardware encryption method with no impact on real-time performance.

Technology & Applications

The TPL Group has developed, proved and protected a suite of proprietary technologies that significantly advance the state-of-the-art of data security, as well as the market-appeal of solid state drive (SSD) technology.
See the CryptaByte Portfolio Lifecycle Chart.

Smart SSD™ CryptaByte hybrid SmartSSD technology determines the significance of a data file based on file type (i.e. .xls, .jpg, .exe, etc.), and stores the data to an appropriate memory location based the file extension’s significance.  For example, some data loss in a picture file or an audio file may be unnoticeable and acceptable to the end user;  whereas, data loss in a spreadsheet file may be unacceptable.
EnigmaCells™ Chips implementing CryptaByte Enigma Cells™ technology generate a unique encryption key sequence for each addressable block of memory;  and by using a true random number generator, only a portion of the encryption key is stored in the device making it impossible to access the encryption key — thus providing superior protection for storage devices against brute force attacks and offline parallel attacks.

Companies such as Seagate and Buffalo have begun to offer hybrid SSDs hinting at CryptaByte Smart SSD adoption, but their earliest SLC/MLC hybrid offerings merely distribute data based on frequency-of-access, and thus put critical data at risk.

Industry leaders such as Iron Key and Lockheed Martin have already turned to CryptaByte’s innovative Enigma Cells technology to provide the most secure flash drive available anywhere in the world today.  Iron Key licensed CryptaByte Portfolio and uses this technology in providing secure flash drive solutions to sensitive military, government, financial, and healthcare industries.  Lockheed Martin also uses EnigmaCells technology in its IronClad device, which puts the entire operating system onto a USB flash device.