• It is estimated that there are over 500 Million users worldwide that could benefit from an affordable Hearing Enhancement Product.  Yet today, there are only 10 million hearing devices sold worldwide annually, leaving an un-served market at 493 million users — and growing based on all available trends.
  • The burden of hearing impairment and deafness falls disproportionately on the poor, because they lack preventive and routine care necessary to avoid hearing loss, or cannot afford hearing aids to make the condition manageable.
  • Traditional remedies for hearing loss have been limited to either a rudimentary amplification/filtering technique that’s designed for a one-size-fits-some application, or a sophisticated design that requires doctor/audiologist programming.
  • The Audition Portfolio of technologies provides the foundation for high quality hearing devices by combining multi-core processing with advanced algorithms to enable affordable “self-tuning” hearing devices that can be easily programmed by the end-user, using his own PC or Smart Phone.

Technology and Applications

Audition Portfolio technology combines the low power consumption of today’s multi-core processors with advanced algorithms required by a global market, allowing end-users to Self-Tune their hearing devices without the need and expense of traveling to see a specialist. Such hearing devices and be readily re-programmed by the end-user to accommodate personal tastes and evolving hearing capacities.

The user’s unique requirements are transmitted and stored in the hearing device instantly, reducing the time and expense of sourcing traditional hearing enhancement devices.
See the Audition Portfolio Lifecycle Chart. 

Self-Tuning Instant compression of sound waves are enabled by partitioning each unique sound into their frequency band, then amplifying or lowering those which the user requires to fit his/her unique requirements.

Leveraging existing technologies, Audition Portfolio technologies will help to address the needs of millions of individuals worldwide who lack effective means to improve their communication.

Audition Innovators

Dr. Zlatan Ribic is one of the top audio technologists in the world having served previously as VP of R&D for Viennatone, a leading Vienna based Hearing Aid manufacturer.  Dr. Ribic has devoted over 35 years primarily in research and development where he has focused on acoustics, DSP, electro-mechanics and other related fields.  As part of his ongoing work, his R&D team in Austria possesses one of the country’s largest anechoic chambers for performing acoustical test and measurements.  Dr. Ribic is the named inventor of over a dozen international patents.