Alliacense Licensing Programs allow access to a broad range of fundamental technologies and are designed to reward decisive industry leaders.

Microprocessor Innovations


In a Class By Itself

Billed as one of the top microprocessor technologies that shook the world by IEEE Spectrum, the Moore Microprocessor Portfolio is fundamental to microprocessor architectures conceived and engineered in the past two decades.

In 1988, legendary inventor of the Forth programming language, Charles Moore, ventured together with the TPL Group to produce a high-speed, low-cost microprocessor and named it Sh-Boom…

Asynchronous Multi-Core CPU Architecture

The Array Portfolio solves common multi-core processor architecture limitations rethinking power consumption, interprocessor networking, and multi-core memory architecture.

The Array Portfolio represents a “green” roadmap to the next generation of microprocessor performance, and shatters conventional MIPS per Watt performance standards.

Memory and Storage Technologies


High-Speed Circuit Design

Where high-speed memory and high-speed transistors are concerned, Fast Logic technology is the key to enabling the performance gain.

Flash-Memory Card Management

Today’s market is dominated by devices requiring portability and interoperability in multimedia storage. CORE Flash technology meets this demand with fundamental approaches for integrating the capability to read multiple flash card formats in a single product.

Digital cameras, digital photo frames, printers, PCs, photo kiosks and more are all Powered by CORE Flash.

Enterprise Storage and Encryption

The CryptaByte Portfolio introduces a hybrid approach to SSD storage, called Smart SSD™ technology, which utilizes SLC for critical data, and MLC for less critical data.

Advanced Audio / Video


Virtual Desktop Clients and Monitors

STRATA represents pioneering innovations in the area of remote computing.

From Zero-clients, virtual desktops, and display-hubs, the STRATA Portfolio is fundamental to enabling a full-user experience while simultaneously simplifiying IT administration, enhancing security, and lowering total cost of ownerships for any organization.

Video Recording

TruVNS enables high-performance digital Video playback and recording technology solutions.

3D Tessellation

3D ART stands for Three-Dimensional, Advanced, Real-Time Tesselation and represents the latest applications in 3D rendering.

Employed by some of the top GPU vendors, 3D ART technology is finding its way into mobile platforms where power-efficiency competes head-to-head with the insatiable demand for stunning graphics.

SWAT (Sub Wavelength Acoustic Technology)

Balanced Diaphragm MicroSpeakers deliver flatter frequency response over a wider frequency range, and are more efficient and reliable — all without sacrificing space and geometry.

The Convenience of Hearing

Eliminating the need for professional calibration while leveraging the power of multi-core signal processing, Audition delivers advanced Hearing Enhancements through automatic analysis and frequency transposal.

Electronics Packaging & Manufacturing


Wafer-Level Packaging

As products become smaller, thinner, and more power packed, so too do their internals.

The packaging industry has quickly adopted cutting-edge “Wafer Level Packaging” technologies that dramatically reduce size and cost of packaged integrated circuits.

Solderless Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

Occam technology has achieved critical acclaim by industry leaders in electronics assembly due to its practical approach to increased reliability and low cost of electronic assembly by eliminating solder.

Nexus Torsion Connector

Nexus connectors are cheaper to manufacture, provide stronger and more robust connections without degrading resiliency issues, and introduce the possibility of Zero Force Insertion.



Enterprise Storage and Encryption

Data security is paramount (and increasingly mandated), but enterprises are struggling against barriers of cost, reduced performance, and increased complexity.

The CryptaByte Portfolio’s EnigmaCells™ technology provides a cost-effective and unbreakable hardware encryption method with no impact on real-time performance.

Secure Online Transactions

eCommer$e technologies prevent sensitive user information  from being transmitted over the the network, enabling some of the largest online marketplaces to securely and efficiently safeguard customer data.