Hewlett-Packard Becomes First System Manufacturer to License Moore Microprocessor Patent™ Portfolio

CUPERTINO, Calif. – January 23, 2006 – Alliacense today announced that Hewlett-Packard has become the first system manufacturer to purchase a license to use intellectual property protected by the Moore Microprocessor Patent™ (MMP) Portfolio.

Following the early purchase of MMP Portfolio licenses by marquee chip makers Intel and AMD, Alliacense has tuned the MMP Portfolio Licensing Program to serve leading manufacturers of computer, communications and entertainment systems.  Specific terms of the “MMP Portfolio System License” purchased by HP were not disclosed.

“Today’s consumer electronics and computer systems each incorporate an increasing number of microprocessors that exploit the techniques protected by the MMP Portfolio,” stated Mac Leckrone, Alliacense president.  “We are very pleased to witness a globally respected system manufacturer confirm our MMP Portfolio Licensing Program strategy.  We have believed from the outset that the most attractive path for equipment makers was to purchase a single MMP System License that covers an entire system or end-user product.”

Noting that discussions are well under way with dozens of other major system manufacturers around the world, he added, “The MMP Portfolio Licensing Program rewards first movers in their industry sectors with significant discounts.  By design, this structure enables nimble and forward-thinking companies like HP to disadvantage their competitors.”

Last October, the TPL Group filed a broad-based intellectual property claim against four major Japanese electronics system manufacturers in the US District Court, Eastern District of Texas. The broad-based claim cited Fujitsu, Matsushita, NEC and Toshiba for direct infringement, contributory infringement, and inducing the infringement of at least three of the ten patents in the Moore Microprocessor Patent™ (MMP) Portfolio, specifically:

4    U.S. 5,784,584:   Multiple Instruction Fetch

4    U.S. 5,809,336:   Clocking CPU and I/O Separately

4    U.S. 6,598,148:   Use of Multiple Cores and Embedded Memory

The cited infringement pertains to a wide variety of end-user products including personal computers, servers, workstations, printers, routers, home theater systems, digital TVs, video game players, DVD Recorders/Players, mobile handsets, portable media players, automotive and aircraft/aerospace electronics, and most other modern microprocessor-based products.  The MMP Portfolio, which encompasses US, European and Japanese patents, is protected through the year 2015.

Alliacense has representatives in the US, Asia and Europe who are ready to discuss the MMP Licensing Program and what favorable opportunities exist for the very early purchasers of System Licenses.

About Alliacense

Alliacense is a TPL Group Enterprise offering best-in-class licensing program management, encompassing customer development and licensing execution.  As a cadre of licensing experts, Alliacense also implements programs that expand awareness of other TPL Group portfolios that provide fundamental technologies to the electronics industry. The TPL Group is an intellectual property development and management firm founded in 1989.  For more information, visit www.alliacense.com.

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