Licensing Specialists

At Alliacense, we’re seasoned licensing experts driven by the business of licensing.  While it’s often perceived as a domain of law firms and courts, over 99 percent of all licensing transactions occur without litigation.  The overwhelming majority of licensing decisions are made by executives with profit and loss accountability, not judges and juries.  That’s why we believe – and have demonstrated time and again – a business-oriented approach to licensing delivers maximum results quickly and effectively, minimizing expense and risk.

It’s a Small World

Our IP development partners prefer our business-oriented approach because it is aligned with their own business principals – as opposed to the “sue first, ask questions later” approach pursued by most law firms and licensing organizations.  Moreover, this approach has contributed significantly to the development of Alliacense as the most trusted channel for high-quality IP Portfolio access in the industry.

Why Be Lawyered When You Can Be Licensed?

Our business-oriented approach avoids the typical “run-around” tactics and expense of law firms by taking the decision straight to the decision-makers.  Through our relationships with thousands executives across dozens of industries, we present business decision-makers with the critical information, tools and solutions required to assess value, and to access proprietary technology in the most cost-effective manner.

The Results Speak for the Themselves

With dozens of muli-million dollar deals and hundreds of licensees we know our approach to licensing delivers results quickly and effectively.  See some of our Licensees >>

Alliacense Avg. Time to First Licensee vs. Time to Trial in U.S. District Court.

Speak Softly But Carry a Big Stick

While it is certainly our belief that the Boardroom produces better results than the Courtroom, we prepare for both.  The power of the Alliacense approach comes from the fact that we present the same courtroom caliber documentation to the decision-makers years before they would otherwise have the opportunity to see it in a courtroom setting.