Strategy Nerve Center

If awe-inspiring gems littered the ground, they wouldn’t command the value that they do.  It is only the investments made in their mining, refinement and presentation that stimulates demand and unlocks their value.  The marketplace for intellectual properties is no different.

Alliacense creates Licensing Program strategies that succeed by maximizing the total available market with sensitivity to the particular economics of the relevant ecosystems.

Alliacense’s unparalleled mastery of IP strategy is made possible by its multi-disciplinary experience and a peerless array of engineering research and financial analysis capabilities.

Research & Analysis

Alliacense specializes in conducting a broad array of research, and synthesizing the results in focused, actionable analyses:

  • Technology Adoption and Evidence of Use Reports
  • Patent Portfolio Assessment Reports Summarizing Key Aspects of File History, Prior Art, Claim Scope, and Reverse Engineering Requirements
  • Detailed Go-to-Market Strategies including Relevant Revenue Analyses of Prospective Licensees & Licensing Proposal Formulation
  • Damages Analysis


Our broad-scope Reverse Engineering activities combine with our Market Analytics to provide Alliacense with a uniquely keen view of emerging technology trends — a perspective which informs Development on important fronts:

  • Patent Prosecution, Reexaminations & Portfolio Enhancement
  • Infringement Litigation & Licensing Program Support
  • Merger & Acquisition Support
  • New Product Development Opportunities
  • IP Portfolio Valuations

Portfolio Development, whether in the form of new filings, defense of reexams, or acquisition of complementary IP, is a continuous process.

Maximum value is achieved in the Boardroom — rather than in the Courtroom — and unlocking that value requires a highly disciplined and specialized combination of reverse engineering, IP analysis, business analysis, marketing and sales closure skills.

Litigation can be an effective supplement to a well-executed Licensing Strategy, but it is not an end in itself, and it requires thoughtful management.