What are the Common Alternatives for “Monetizing” IP?

The Market for IP “Commercialization” is populated with organizations representing a spectrum of IP “strategies.”

Mass Patent Aggregators Patent aggregators aim to benefit their membership by taking IP off the market, and thereby providing a kind of insurance against a nuisance of unspecified value.
IP Brokerages Offering catalogs of hundreds or thousands of patents, IP brokerages aim to achieve a quick sale, and to minimize their investment of individual patents.  The serious research and analysis that informs perception of value is avoided, and generally left to bargain-hunting buyers.
Litigation-Centric Organizations The allure is a network of contingency relationships enabling a patent owner to feel empowered via quick litigation.  Ultimately these firms are playing a numbers game in which patents they undertook no risk to develop are subjected to all-or-nothing litigation as soon as possible.


These are all popular paths that might be appropriate in certain circumstances — for example, where the IP owner is looking for an early “cash out” opportunity.  However, they each tend to reflect a two-dimensional thinking born from a “Licensing is Plan B” mindset, in which short-term considerations prevail.

More remarkable however, is that their big-picture effect on the IP Marketplace is a distinct tendency to de-value individual patent portfolio estates.

In the end, the time-honored maxim holds true:  you reap only what you sow.

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