Fujitsu Purchases License to Intellectual Property Protected by Moore Microprocessor Patent™ Portfolio

CUPERTINO, Calif. – March 1, 2006 – Alliacense today announced that Fujitsu Limited has purchased a license to the intellectual property protected by the Moore Microprocessor Patent™ (MMP) Portfolio. Fujitsu joins an expanding roster of global system manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard and Casio Computer, who have become MMP Portfolio licensees. Specific terms of the license were not disclosed.

According toMac Leckrone, Alliacense president, the spectrum of system-level digital products exploiting MMP design techniques is very extensive.  He noted that products ranging from televisions, digital cameras and portable music players to servers, medical equipment, and even automotive electronics systems are all designed with multiple semiconductor devices that use MMP Portfolio technologies.

”Our Licensing Program rewards first movers in their industry sectors with substantial discounts,” said Leckrone “By design, our licensing structure enables nimble and forward-thinking system manufacturers to disadvantage their competitors.”  He confirmed that Alliacense has contacted hundreds of system manufacturers around the globe, and that competition for early-round licensing berths in key market sectors has become intense.

“Once digital hardware vendors recognize their broad reliance on the intellectual property protected by the MMP Portfolio, they appreciate the critical need to secure continued access to the fundamental MMP technologies,” said Leckrone “System-level coverage is essential to maintaining product design freedom and avoiding supply-chain disruptions.” He noted that Alliacense also offers simple, royalty-free licenses to all semiconductor sector operations, worldwide.

About The MMP™ Portfolio

Named after legendary inventor Charles “Chuck” Moore, the Moore Microprocessor Patent™ Portfolio encompasses seven USpatents as well as their European and Japanese counterparts. Protected through year of 2015, these patents protect techniques used in designing microprocessors, microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processor (DSPs), embedded processors and System-on-Chip (SoC) implementations.

In light of the early validation of MMP Portfolio by marquee chip-makers Intel and AMD in 2005, MMP licensing efforts are now focused on global system manufacturers.

About Alliacense

Alliacense is a TPL Group Enterprise executing best-in-class design and implementation of intellectual property licensing programs. As a cadre of IP licensing strategists, experienced business development and project management executives, and technology experts, Alliacense focuses on expanding the awareness and value of TPL’s intellectual property portfolios. The TPL Group is an intellectual property development and management firm founded in 1989.  For more information, visit

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