Electronics Industry Veteran and Visionary Joseph Fjelstad to Address the IEEE Aerospace Conference

San Jose, California – March 18, 2015  – Author, visionary, and legendary inventor, Joseph Fjelstad, spoke at the prestigious IEEE Aerospace Conference, in Big Sky, Montana, on March 11, 2015.  Mr. Fjelstad’s presentation entitled, “Advantages of Using Aluminum Substrates for Aerospace Electronics,” offers a preview to what many technical experts view as an important and enabling near-future alternative to traditional electronics assembly. The method is one which is poised to offer dramatic increases in electronic reliability while decreasing overall cost through the elimination of solder — a cornerstone concept of Occam technology.

Each year, a large number of presentations are given by professionals distinguished in their fields and by high-ranking members of the government and military.  The plenary sessions feature internationally prominent researchers working on frontiers of science and engineering that may significantly impact the world we live in.  The Conference is designed to facilitate cross-fertilization of aerospace disciplines and dialogue among members of government, industry, and the academic community.

Mr. Fjelstad focuses on the use of aluminum as a substrate for electronic assemblies.  A ubiquitous metal and 3rd most abundant element on earth, aluminum has many attractive qualities in terms of its physical, mechanical, thermal and processing properties, and is widely used in aerospace applications as a result.  However as a substrate for electronics, aluminum is normally limited to use as thermal spreader, to be added-on after the electronics assembly has been built.  The paper illustrates how aluminum can be used as an integral part of an electronic assembly, bypassing completely the soldering process and the challenge of making consistently reliable solder joints, a vital part of electronic assemblies which are known to be an “Achilles Heel” in electronic products and a common site of failure.  Assemblies produced in accordance with the methods described in the paper offer numerous prospective benefits and improvement potential in a wide range of areas including:  cost, performance, size reduction, design security, and reliability improvement — through the elimination of solder, and the deleterious effects the process is known to have on electronic assemblies of all types, but most especially in the area of high temperature lead-free soldering.


Mr. Fjelstad’s presentation; “Advantages of Using Aluminum Substrates for Aerospace Electronics”


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About Occam

Occam technology is poised to dramatically increase reliability and lower the cost of electronic assembly by eliminating solder from the manufacturing process.  Of significance, the Occam Process can be implemented using existing infrastructure and processing equipment.  Occam teaches how, using standard packaged ICs, it is possible to “build up” electronic assemblies in reverse order, thus eliminating the need for a separate PCB (in addition to solder).  Occam technology could emerge as a key method for addressing the many problems currently being encountered in lead-free solder assembly.

For more information, visit: Occam Portfolio (http://www.alliacense.com/licensing-programs/electronics-packaging-and-assembly/occam-portfolio/).  Occam is the innovation of Joseph Fjelstad, the recipient of prestigious awards including the IPC President’s award, has been recognized as one of the most influential persons in the printed-circuit industry having been inducted into both the Paul Eisler Hall of Fame for Printed Circuits and the Jim Raby Hall of Fame for Circuit Assembly.  Founder of Verdant Electronics, Mr. Fjelstad has been involved in electronic interconnection technologies for more than 4 decades, and is an international authority and innovator in the field of electronic interconnection and packaging technologies with more than 200 issued and pending U.S. patents.


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