• Illegal hacking, data leaks, and identity theft are becoming ever more commonplace in today’s online society.  Brivas Technology levels the playing field against the thieves by adding multiple layers of security to the old methods of using passwords and simple biometric identification.
  • Brivas Technology is centered on facial recognition variables that can be deployed dynamically in a way that thieves cannot predict.  All access points are regulated and brute force attacks are quickly shut down.  The resulting system is monitored, fortified, and tuned to each user to ensure only proper personnel have access.
  • The Brivas Access Architecture is scalable and flexible.  In its cloud deployment, it allows cell, laptop, and desktop users to easily and safely access numerous websites and social networks. Optionally, the Architecture can be deployed on a closed network for heavily fortified local access systems, suitable for government, banking, and corporate security applications.

Features and Applications

See the Brivas Portfolio Lifecycle Chart.

Variable Secrets The Brivas Access Architecture is dynamic:  data and the user’s face are used in tandem to create an insurmountable architecture of variable secrets.  Movement, spectral wavelengths, shapes and many other variables are created and analyzed every time a user requests access. Users no longer need to remember difficult and often confusing passwords.  With Brivas, a user’s face and several easily memorized variable secrets are the only things required for fast and highly secure access.
Liveness Detection  Current facial recognition technology can be bypassed by using 2-D photographs and other methods.  Brivas’s system takes a giant leap forward by using its Liveness Detection Factors: layers of specialized variable secrets confirm the user requesting access is a real living person, not a photograph, and not a spoofing computer.


BRIVAS Innovator

Beau Parry began his technical career programming Pascal projects in the 1990s.  After graduating from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, with a B.A. in Economics with a concentration Game Theory, Beau worked as a managing partner at Towne Properties located in Cincinnati, Ohio, co-founded, and served as a Technical Advisor at Quansoo Capital Management through the 2000s. During that time, Beau researched different network access solutions as options for company security.  A proponent of facial recognition technologies, Beau has worked tirelessly towards creating a spoof-resistant facial recognition architecture.  After years of research, Beau created the Brivas “variable secrets” system as a high-speed, lightweight, spoof-resistant access solution. Brivas’s technology now leads the pack in facial recognition technology solutions.