Alliacense Champions Inventors’ Constitutional Rights

SAN JOSE, California – January 21, 2015.  In the most recent round of a landmark battle to protect the intellectual property rights of its customer, MCM Portfolio LLC, Alliacense files its brief at the CAFC, launching a broadside against the America Invents Act (“AIA”), which denies patent owners access to a jury trial, a fundamental right guaranteed to property owners by the seventh amendment of the US Constitution.

In its brief, Alliacense takes aim at Hewlett Packard’s abuse of the AIA’s lop-sided Inter Partes Review (“IPR”) process, in which only about 10% of patent claims survive due to unfair procedures and lack of due process for patent owners.  The AIA and its IPR procedure was backed by big corporations, and opposed by technology investors because the new law expanded problematic quasi-judicial power and tilted the playing field strongly against inventors, ignoring over 150 years of US Supreme Court precedent.

The Brief speaks volumes regarding the depth and breadth of the unrivaled capacity of Alliacense to develop, protect, and enforce intellectual property rights against the Patent Pirates — regardless of their size and sophistication — and their on-going infringement raid on US inventors.


About Alliacense

Alliacense is the recognized leader in the design and execution of Intellectual Property (IP) development and licensing.  As a cadre of IP licensing strategists, technology experts, and experienced business development/management executives, Alliacense focuses on expanding the awareness and value of IP portfolios its under management, and providing a peerless array of capabilities that enhance the effectiveness of IP.  For more information, visit


About the CORE Flash Portfolio Licensing Program

CORE Flash innovations are protected in dozens of patents and applications around the world, and protect key aspects of flash memory management and control, including software, firmware, hardware, and mechanical designs.  Over forty computer and consumer product companies have licensed CORE Flash technology to enhance their products.  For more information, visit the CORE Flash Licensing Program page.

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